The Trust Fund

Friends of Jamie Wall Trust Fund

A Friends of Jamie Wall Trust Fund has been established.  There are three trustees’ who are responsible for the administration of this account.  The trustee’s are Anna Mulcahy, Kinsale, Damien O’Driscoll,  Kilbrittain and Eamonn Moloney, Kilbrittain.  All the money donated and raised by fund-raising events is lodged to this account. The Trust Fund will be independently audited on an annual basis.

Thank You for All Your Support

Many people and organizations have been hugely generous to Jamie in recent months.  There has been a wide range of fundraising events, a large number of donations from clubs and organizations, both locally and from across the country as well as many individual donations.  The fund raising committee has endeavored to acknowledge these donations and contributions by letter of thanks.

Jamie is overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity shown to him and he, his family and friends wish to sincerely thank each and everyone who has helped.

The funds raised have helped Jamie continue his rehabilitation and achieve a much greater degree of independence than would have been possible without the financial support from funds raised.

How Have the Funds Raised Been Used?

Rehabilitation and Medical Therapies:

  • The funds raised have enabled Jamie to avail of the best rehabilitative therapies available and he attends up to five strength and conditioning sessions per week
  • He has spent one week at one of the leading centers for spinal injury rehabilitation in Cambridge, England
  • The monies raised have paid for some medical expenses
  • He has been able to attend a wheelchair tennis training day in Belfast which is the first such event in Ireland

Rehabilitation Equipment:

  • He has been able to get the gym equipment that is necessary to enable him to continue his intensive rehabilitation programme at home
  • He has got some very specialized equipment that involves electrically stimulating muscles in his legs in synchronization with exercise machines. 

Independent Living:

  • There have been a number of adaptations made to Jamie’s home so that it is more suitable for a wheelchair use
  • The funds raised have financed the purchase of a specially adapted car in March and this has allowed Jamie a degree of independence that has made an enormous difference to his quality of life. The VW Sirocco car that is lower to the ground than other cars and has a particularly wide door opening means that it is more suited to easier transfers from wheelchair to car.

How Will Future Funds be Used?

Jamie will continue to need regular rehabilitative therapies to maintain his physical health and conditioning.  The funds raised mean that Jamie can access the best therapies both locally and in specialist centers abroad.  This will ensure that he is in the best position to take advantage of any new treatments.

The fund will also be used to finance new, innovative treatments for spinal injury that might become available in the future and this may involve travelling abroad to avail of these treatments.